Hi, my name is Keno Schwalb


I absolutely love fencing. I started when I was eight and I won't quit anytime soon.
Fencing is a wonderful sport for various reasons. Just like every sport, fencing is endlessly thrilling.
Most clubs build up a strong feeling of community and watching your clubmates in a competition can be even more nerve-racking than fencing yourself.
Throughout a hundred competitions I have gone through glorious victories and devastating defeats. Fencing really taught me how to handle defeature.

I've always been relatively successful, achieving ranks between 17 and 41 on the German rankings.
Fencing on a high-level competition like the German Championships is a feeling that's impossible to describe. It's just the most wonderful thing in the world :)

In 2012, two friends and I obtained a license for coaching and trained our club's beginners group till fall 2014.
Being a coach opens up a whole new perspective to fencing. It helps understand why, at times, you are forced to do things that seem to be pointless and forces you to learn how to make decisions quickly (or plan ahead).
Even though coaching a horde of children can be tedious work after a long day of school, I love teaching people and it's usually still a lot of fun!


Most of the code I have written is rotting away in private repos on bitbucket and github because I don't feel it's worth publishing. This is what's public so far:


Chreos is an installer for ElementaryOS on some Chromebooks.
It's based on Chrubuntu.
Please don't tell me you don't like the name. I don't either.


A shoutbox for vanilla forums.
Source | Homepage


Simple, real time web analytics powered by NodeJS
(Not published yet)


A smtp server library for go that has support for attachments.
I could not find one so I built my own.
Mostly scavanged from GoGuerrilla and MailSlurper


Security through obscurity protection against SSLStrip


Cameras are fascinating. My dad is a photographer and somehow his dedication has spread to me.
Even though I've never really been interested in pictures of man-made objects, I've come to enjoy Urban Exploration.
Be it the thrill of discovering abandoned buildings or the calm and timeless attitude, UrbEx is just magic!
Apart from UrbEx I enjoy Light Painting and taking pictures of nature.

I publish some of my work at 500px.com. Go check it out :)